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Vehicle Graphics

Did you know that advertising on your vehicle can make thousands of visual impressions in a single day?

Get your brand noticed with maximum impact!

Why should I get vehicle graphics on my car/van?

Let your vehicle advertise your company's brand, product or service by using the most cost effective outdoor advertising medium available - Vehicle Graphics.

Your car, van, truck or your entire fleet can be advertising for you all hours of the day and night. During rush hour, in the car park or on a driveway, vehicle graphics are a smart advertising investment. Use full colour digital vehicle graphics to turn your vehicle into a rolling billboard, building awareness for your company with every trip.

Vehicle wraps make efficient use of all of your vehicle's surfaces. With today's technology, a vehicle wrap solution can cover most of your windows if you desire, and the driver can still see out.

The Process

You may have a small number of vehicles, a large commercial fleet, or require a one-off promotional wrap. I will get your message noticed on the road with maximum impact as well as being cost effective. Vehicle graphic design can be created in many variations, from a simple logo & text to a fully digitally printed wrap or van wrap.

When looking for inspiration, it’s important to note that some designs look good in Photoshop, but consider if it can be implemented in real life. The simpler the design the better, so that a customer can see what services you provide and grab the necessary contact details required, as a lot of the time the vehicle may be being driven around at speed.

At the start

With years of experience designing, printing and applying vehicle graphics, I can manage all aspects of the design process. This involves liaising with you to get the design right, through to supplying the artwork to size, either to your preferred sign company or using a recommended supplier. If we are using your own vehicle graphics company, I will need to know what their specifications are. Each vehicle wrap printing company may have different file requirements or printing processes, so it’s important to gather as much information as possible before we even start designing.

How your vehicle graphics are designed

Your vehicle graphic design is created using a vehicle template, allowing for the vehicle graphic design to be created as accurately as possible and to scale. To create the vehicle graphics, I utilise the powerful Adobe Suite (Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop), depending on the complexity or requirements. Keep in mind that templates will not always be 100% accurate, since each vehicle may have slight irregularities on the surface.

Anything else needed?

High quality photos of your vehicle(s) and which specific model it is will be required. Plus, I will need to know if there any irregularities on the vehicle that may be different to existing templates, such as bodykits, side skirts, spoilers, etc.

Do you need vehicle graphics and based in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire?

If you need vehicle graphics in Stratford upon Avon, then you can simply book an appointment with myself, Richard at RNR Design, and we can go through your requirements in person from my office based in town.

If you're not able to met in person, simply book a call back request or send an email.

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